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Macadamia Orchard Investment Support

Macadamia Orchard Investment Support

We assist investors who wish to invest in macadamia farming in Australia.  The following are a list of services we offer: 

  • Inspections and investigation into suitable properties (available equipment, machinery, existing buildings) and orchards, which are in the market for sale. We then provide a comprehensive report about the viability and profitability of the orchard, the potential income and the cost of rejuvenating neglected trees, if applicable.
  • Preparation of a business plan for an identified macadamia farm. The business plan covers comprehensive information about the farm, cost/revenue analysis and financial forecasts, either in a detailed feasibility study or in a broad précis form
  • Preparation of a business plan can include services for the complete management of the macadamia farm by Tree Carers Pty Ltd, either on a cost basis or yield sharing deal.

Why invest in Australia

  • Robust Economy
    Australia’s economic resilience and steady growth prospects provide a low-risk environment in which to do business.
  • Innovation and Skills
    Australia offers a highly educated, multicultural workforce with an enterprising mindset.
  • Strong Foundations
    In an uncertain world, Australia’s sound governance makes it one of the safest places in the world to do business.
  • Dynamic Industries
    Australia is globally successful in five major industries, and a leader in new digital technologies
  • Global Ties
    Australia is a globally integrated economy with strong trade and investment links with the growing Asia-Pacific region.

For more information please visit the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s (Austrade)  website:  https://www.austrade.gov.au/International/Invest/why-australia

Why invest in Macadamia Farming

The Australian macadamia industry is a significant sector of the Australian horticultural industry, with about 750 businesses generating an annual gross value of production of $215 million. The industry is valued at $336 million at factory gate, and $650 million at retail.

From 2012 to 2016, world macadamia production increased by 35 per cent, and significant increases are forecasted in the near future.

Global demand exceeds supply. Consumption is increasing as a result of increasing interested in healthy foods and an increasing awareness of the versatility of tree nuts. The biggest growth in demand is coming from Asia, where major city consumers in particular are focussed on health, convenience and new products.

Australia holds the only natural germplasm resources for macadamias, and has spent over $4 million over the last ten years on a comprehensive breeding program. Early indications are that yield increases of 30% are possible from new varieties.

The other important considerations are excellent macadamia production and handling support.

A well-managed macadamia farm has the potential of generating a steady income and attractive return on your investment.  Tree Carers can discuss investment opportunities with you about macadamia farming in Australia and provide you with a detailed analysis of the financial viability of each specific macadamia farm, which is available for sale or opportunities to establish a macadamia farm from scratch.  For more information please contact us at: info@treecarers.com.au.

About the Macadamia Nut

The macadamia tree was first commercially grown in Northern N.S.W. It is the only commercially grown native food product produced in Australia.  The macadamia nut has now been exposed to international food markets as the niche golden nut.

Macadamia nuts grow encased in a hard, wooden shell, which is protected by a greenish-brown fibrous husk. In its natural state a macadamia tree will have: flowers, nutlets and mature nuts growing simultaneously, in profusion for much of the year. The nuts fall to the ground between March and September each year and are harvested by pinwheel harvesters at regular intervals.

The macadamia nut kernel has a very high nutritional value. They have the highest amount of beneficial monounsaturated fats of any known nut.  The delicious nut is used in various forms, both as a savory snack, as well, as confectionary often found coated in chocolate. The macadamia nut is also used to extract rich mono-saturated oil, for cooking. Another major and expanding use is in skin care and hair care.

This Season

July 2022: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tree Carers has decided not to offer its services for this season, including tree shaking and pruning. We are hoping to resume our services next year with added strength.

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