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Tree Shaking

Tree Carers is offering tree-shaking services this season.

Why use tree shakers?

“Benefits of using tree shakers range beyond the obvious one of maximising yield by shaking those last nuts out of trees. Shaking trees means fewer harvest passes and earlier completion of harvest. This allows post-harvest operations such as canopy management and the application of organic material to be started earlier and completed in plenty of time to be of benefit for the next season. Shaking sticks, nuts and husk out of trees also contributes to orchard hygiene and lower incidence of certain pests and disease. “ An extracted from Fact sheet – Tree shakers.  Published by the Australian Macadamia Society

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Tree Shaking Technology 2021:  Grower Insight
Prepared by the Australian Macadamia Society

Tree Shaking Services

Tree Carers has been offering tree shaking services to the macadamia growers, in Northern River region, in the past two years.  In 2021 Tree Carers served 55 happy growers and shacked more than 90,000 trees, covering an area from Alstonville to Port Macquarie.

Orchard Rite Bullet shakers

Orchard Rite Bullet shakers are highly efficient, compact, yet powerful. It can be driven from tree to tree with reduced ground compaction. The bullet is equipped with crop-specific shaker head and shake pattern. It features heavy-duty, energy wheel bearings, a 50-degree shaker head roll, three-wheel drive, a differential lock feature and is equipped with ultra-bright LED lights for night-time harvesting.

The followings are the key features of the Orchard Rite Bullet shakers:

  • Hydra-Shake™ operating system offers faster delivery and customizable rate of power, allowing for a concise, powerful shake so the operator can shake more in less time
  • AccuShake™ uniformly shakes the orchard using variation in shake timing and engine speed, clearing trees faster and easier than ever before
  • WetHead® cooling and lubrication system, featuring Shurflo® electric injection system
  • Caterpillar diesel engines which meet the EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations
  • Safety features such as back up cameras, reduced engine noise, LED lighting, and reinforced boom anchor assembly
  • Hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic reversing fan
  • Easy to use automatic sweeps reinforced with sweeper lift cylinders

This Season

July 2022: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tree Carers has decided not to offer its services for this season, including tree shaking and pruning. We are hoping to resume our services next year with added strength.

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