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Tree Shaking

Tree Carers is offering tree-shaking services this season.

Image Courtesy of Australian Macadamia Society

Tree Shaking Services

Tree Carers is planning to offer tree-shaking services, this year, in the Northern River region.

  • Reduce Harvest window
  • Manage Nut Drop
  • Improve Nut Harvest & Collection Option

Video Courtesy of Australian Macadamia Society

Tree Shaking will be done using the OMC Shockwave Sprint machines.  The Shockwave machines has a boom that telescopically extends from the side of the machine and clamps the padded and water cooled – low friction shaker attachment to a tree base approximately 500mm from the ground. The tree is shaken for approx. 3.5 seconds, after which time the clamp releases and the arm retracts before moving to the next tree.

Potential benefits of shaking your macadamia trees:

  • Remove nuts before they start to deteriorate in quality and hence value.
  • Reduce the cost of repeated small harvest rounds.
  • Reduce the length of the harvest period to free labour for production enhancing operations in the orchard e.g. pruning, orchard floor and water management.
  • Provide a break (extend the recovery period) for trees between crops. This may allow the tree to produce more consistent and larger crops each year.
  • Clean up stick-tight nuts to gain value from otherwise unsaleable retained nuts, retained husk and dead twigs.
  • Remove sticktights and reduce the source of inoculum for husk spot infection – which could reduce fungicide applications.

The above benefits were listed in an article written by Jim Patch, the Nutshell – MPC’s newsletter, April 2019.

For more information and booking please write to:  info@treecarers.com.au