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Peter Warner

Peter Warner

Founder and Chairman
  • Experience :
    7 years

After returning to Australia after 30 years of action packed experiences in the Pacific Ocean fishing and shipping enterprises, Peter became fascinated with trees. He believes that all trees that yield food need nurturing and tender loving care to reach their maximum fulfillment.

In 1992 Peter shifted his interest into canopy management, trimming trees to invite the right amount of sunlight as well as considering root systems, which require minerals and decomposing organic nutrition to feed the canopy.

Involved in the plantation of millions of almond and olive trees in the Murray Darling area, he gained deeper knowledge from experienced growers and knowledgeable experts.  The Almond Board of Australia engaged Peter and his crew to assist an Israeli Professor aiming to dramatically increase the nut yield in an experimental block.  This was an opportunity for Peter to enhance his knowledge and expertise in the field of nut farming.

For the last seven years Peter has been providing high quality services to the macadamia, pecan and custard apple farms in the Lismore plateau area. During this time, he has built up a loyal list of repeating clients and maintained a close association with farm managers, agronomists and experts, to build his wealth of local knowledge.

“Without sun or water, nothing will grow and yields. Not only was light and shadow important to Van Gogh and other famous artists, but it is vitally important to the health of trees.” - Peter Warner